Friday, September 4, 2015

VIRUSES DEATH CANCER PARALYSIS DISEASES brain and nerve damage caused by vaccines

The whole point of a vaccine is to kill you or paralyze you or give you cancer viruses and other diseases. It's an insane racket.

Use the links above to go directly to a playlist of videos page, on YouTube. Watch the best doctors exposing these two topics. PURE POISON says it all about vaccines and fluoride.

Two key books; VACCINATION CONDEMNED By All Competent Doctors (1981), and HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED (1920) are here:

Fluoride is SMOKESTACK CRUST rat poison insecticide; causes brittle teeth and bones, builds up in the bones, carcinogenic, poisons DNA repair enzymes and LOWERS IQ. Just some of the non-benefits of fluoride poison. Click below to visit the fluoride blog:


The big picture of Agenda 21 soft kill and its greenhouse gas religion disguise: